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Terms of Services kaminai.com


The agreement between You and Us is considered concluded from the moment You confirmed the order (formed shopping cart, specified delivery address, selected payment method, familiarised Yourself with Rules and accepted it, clicked the "Confirm Order" button).

Customers shall not be allowed to place an order if they are not familiar with the Rules of the Store. In any case, Customers shall be deemed to have familiarised themselves with and accept the Rules if they confirm their acceptance of the Rules before ordering products by clicking "I AGREE".


Products shall be delivered within 1-3 working days from the sending of a confirmation of execution of the order to the Customer. This time limit shall not apply in cases where there are no requested products in the warehouse and the Customer is informed of the lack of the ordered products. The Customer also agrees that in exceptional cases the delivery of products may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. In such a case, We undertake to contact the Customer immediately and agree on delivery issues. When products delivery is not required, Customer may come and pick up ordered products on the same day He gets confirmation, that requested products are in the warehouse and in requested quantities.

In any case where the couriers deliver products to the Customer in crumpled, wet or otherwise externally damaged packaging, the Customer shall indicate this in the confirmation of shipment delivery presented by the courier (write comments) or draw up a separate notice of such defects. The Customer shall do this in the presence of the courier. In the event of failure to perform such actions, kaminai.com shall be exempted from liability to the Customer for damaged products, provided that such damage has resulted from damaged packaging not indicated by the Customer in the confirmation of shipment delivery.

In kaminai.com You can choice from few delivery ways (depends from the weight, delivery price might be changed, in such a case, We undertake to contact the Customer immediately and agree on delivery price):

  1. Delivery in Vilnius city (delivery price 100,00 lt + VAT).

    - If you choose this method of delivery, the ordered products would be delivered to any place in Vilnius for 100,00 lt + VAT.

  2. Delivery outside Vilnius city (1,70 lt/km + VAT).

    - If you choose this method of delivery, the ordered products would be delivered to any place in Lithuania for 1,70 lt + VAT per kilometer.

  3. Products delivery is not required (Self Pick Up).

    - If you choose this method of delivery, the ordered products would not be delivered to any place. You can pick up ordered products after you get confirmation by e-mail and/or phone.


We offer You choose one of the payment methods that suit You:

  1. Bank Transfer.

    - If Customer selects this option He would need make payment in any bank office or through online bank systems, after We confirm order and send him an invoice.

  2. In Cash.

    - If Customer selects this option, then He would need pay for products when He comes to warehouse to pick it up or pay for ordered products to our driver, who delivers it to selected place.


Your provided personal information (e-mail, name, address and etc.) are used only for proper performance of service. Without Your permission, in no way, Your personal data will not be forwarded to third parties, unrelated to direct our performance of service, excluding LR law foresee procedure.


If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 14 days of purchase date (in accordance with 2001. June 29. LR Minister of Economy decision No. 217 "Dėl daiktų grąžinimo ir keitimo taisyklių patvirtinimo”). When purchasing products from the online shop, located in another European Union country, it may be that you will have to pay the cost of return and wait abit longer until your money will be refunded. The customer is responsible for return freight and will not be refunded original outgoing freight charges unless item is defective or damaged during original outgoing shipment.

Returned item(s) must be fully completed, in the package in which it was delivered. Package must be undamaged, clean, properly prepared.

Moneys for good quality products delivery are not returned.

NOTE: Customer does not have the right change His mind and cancel order, if it was manufactured in accordance with spec. Customer needs.


All products have manufacturer's set warranty terms. If product, which You have bought in our shop, broke down in warranty period, then we will repair it for free. If product warranty period is over, then we will not provide warranty service, but We can still offer post-warranty service.

Guarantee does not apply where:

  • Product is damaged mechanically;
  • Repairs have been made or attempted by others;
  • Repairs are required because of normal wear and tear;
  • Rules and conditions, laid down in Republic of Lithuania norms and requirements, were violated;
  • Product has been abused, misused or improperly maintained;
  • A failure caused by natural disasters (floods, lightning and etc.).

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