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MK KOLEKT multi construction advice

1 ADVICE: junction of ceramic flue liner
Keep attention at junctions of ceramic flue liners. Ceramic flue liners connect between each other with specially shaped junction. Ceramic element must always go in to the lower ceramic element. The Bottom of ceramic liner must be with male socket which let to place liner inside other. The top of the ceramic liner must be with female socket.

2 ADVICE: chimney clearance
There must be distance of 2 - 3 cm, between chimney and walls of holes per roof or floor joint, if constructions are flammable - at least 5 cm. Clearance between chimney and holes can be filled with heat resistant mineral wool.

3 ADVICE: ceramic flue tee and cleanout
  • Before cutting holes in chimney blocks for tee, make sure that there will be left some gap between ceramic elements and walls of hole, so ceramic element has enough space to move when it gets hot.
  • We may offer connection adapter which goes on top of connection tee, if You are using connection adapter which goes inside of connection tee, make sure that there will be not used heat-resistant rigid rope to fill air gap between connection tee and adapter walls. Heat-resistant rope must be soft when it's used connection adapter which goes inside connection tee.

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