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A modular chimney system MK KOLEKT multi is used not only with modern solid and liquid fuel boilers (temperature below 200oC), but also with modern heating systems. The three-layered chimney system is fully insulated with mineral wool and corresponds the highest requirements for chimney system elements. Ceramic elements are centered with centering rings. The air gap between ceramic flue liner and block wall is used for air supply to the heating device. Ceramic elements produced by the German manufacturer, in Germany, corresponds W3G requirements. Ceramic chimney system parts are resistant to soot ignition even when working at wet conditions, also resistant to low and high temperatures (60oC - 600oC). A ceramic liner has smooth surface and is highly resistant to condensate effect (resistant to aggressive corrosive factors). In the three-layered chimney system MK KOLEKT multi is used special shaped insulation. It is possible to order chimney liners with a mineral wool on it. Installation of the chimney system MK KOLEKT multi is simple, easy and fast process. Quality of MK KOLEKT multi system elements is also approved by issued CE certificate of conformity.

The chimney for a passive house

The chimney design used in a passive house differs from the standard chimney design. The standard ceramic chimney does not meet the requirements as for ventilation of the ceramic elements is used air from the room. The new generation systems, suitable for a passive house differs from the previous ones in a tightness - there is no need to ventilate ceramic elements and an air gap between centered ceramic elements and block walls is used to supply heating devices with an air. The ceramic element wall is thinner then standard chimney system walls. Chimney systems are resistant to the moisture, there is no a dew point. It determines the advantage of ceramic chimney systems against steel systems. Both types of chimney systems are suitable for an A++ class buildings, but it is important to pay attention to the tightness and the formation of a "cold bridge". When installing stainless steel chimney system to the passive house it must be taken to the attention, that it might have a problem of the "cold bridge". Standard heating devices, which takes air from the room, can't be used in a A class buildings. The buildings in this class require certified facilities, which have an external air connection for combustion and have a secondary combustion system.

Characteristics of a three-layered chimney system


Fast, good traction;

Resistant to acids;

Resistant to high temperature exposure.

For heating devices, which uses different type of fuel (firewood, coal, gas, pellets and etc.).
Suitable for operation with a closed combustion chamber boilers and condensing boilers, suitable for use as a concentrated condensing chimney system, where a separate air supply to the heating system is required.
Ceramic flue liners resistant to soot ignition and meets W3G requirements.
Ceramic insert designed to work at high and at low temperatures (from 60 to 600 oC).
Ceramic flue liner has a smooth surface. It is highly resistant to condensate effect.
Ceramic liners are manufactured in various diameters (mm): Ø120;Ø140; Ø160; Ø180; Ø200; Ø250; Ø300.
Ceramic insert with a thin wall, with a same durability as a thick-wall ceramic insert.
Insulated ceramic elements are centered with a centering ring.
Air gap between centered ceramic element and wall of block is used for boiler air supply.
Because of the long inserts there are small number of joints.
Fire resistance - 90 min.
Fast and easy installation.
Product is certified.


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