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Ventilation system working scheme for Your house and other premises

Ventilation is the process by which "clean" air is intentionally provided to a space and stale air is removed.

Because of smells, tobacco smokes, tissue drying, cleaners or because of being in non-ventilated room for longer time we get "heavy air". When we are staying at room with "heavy air" we feel discomfort, we are getting tired, also it might charge sore head, we are losing concentration.

Controlled ventilation system removes moisture, it prevents the formation of mold, also maintains a permanent air quality. Ventilation systems filter cleans the air from various impurities. Controlled ventilation system guarantees heat return, which we are losing if we only open the window for ventilation of room. It helps saving money.

We are offering those ventilation solutions:

  • Renovent Excellent series includes the Renovent Excellent 400, 300 and 180 with maximum capacities of 400, 300 and 180 m3/h respectively. They come in a left-handed and right-handed version with a range of options for connecting the ducts. In addition to the comprehensive standard version, the Renovent Excellent is also available as ‘Plus version’. This version comes with additional connection options, for instance for a CO2 sensor or geothermal heat exchanger.
  • Renovent Sky are particularly suitable for ceiling mounting. The supplied brackets make both appliances also highly suitable for mounting on a wall. The Renovent Sky 300 has a maximum ventilation capacity of 300 m3/h and the Renovent Sky 150 has a maximum ventilation capacity of 150 m3/h. These appliances are unique for their low height of 310 mm for the Renovent Sky 300 and 200 mm for the Renovent Sky 150. Both appliances are also available as ‘Plus’ version. This version has additional connection options for instance for a CO2 sensor.

MK KOLEKT ventilation - natural draft ventilation system

Natural ventilation is the process of supplying air to and removing air from an indoor space without using mechanical systems. It refers to the flow of external air to an indoor space as a result of pressure differences arising from natural forces. There are two types of natural ventilation occurring in buildings: wind driven ventilation and buoyancy-driven ventilation. Wind driven ventilation arises from the different pressures created by wind around a building or structure, and openings being formed on the perimeter which then permit flow through the building. Buoyancy-driven ventilation occurs as a result of the directional buoyancy force that results from temperature differences between the interior and exterior. You can choose from several types of ventilation blocks: with one ventilation, with two ventilation, with three ventilation or with four ventilation channels. All blocks might be installed together with MK KOLEKT chimney system, because size of blocks might be selected similar to chimney block sizes. We can also offer chimney blocks with 2 vent. holes in one block, that lets build ventilation system at the same time while building chimney system. MK KOLEKT VENT natural draft system is effective, silent and easy to construct.


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