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We are not only selling products, but also sharing our knowledge


Organising international and local conferences

We are organising conferences on which presenting our products, introducing with requirements, providing practical solutions. During conferences we are also introducing innovations in the chimney and ventilation market and contruction.

Konferencijos vedamos VISI KAMINAI specialistų bei kviestinių svečių


Organising trainings

We are organising chimney contruction tranings. During practical trainings we demonstrate practical advices and taking attention to main construction errors.

Mokymai vedami VISI KAMINAI ekspertų tiek statybininkų mokykloje, tiek objektuose


International and local exhibitions

We are participating both in local and international exhibitions. We are demonstrating innovations, giving advices to current and future clients or simply to people who are searching for answers about chimneys or ventilation. We are helping choose the right product and service package, introducing non-standard solutions.

Aktyviai dalyvaujame parodose

We are specialists in our field, we may help both the theoretical and the practical side!


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